Bristol Floor Sanding To Bring Your Floors Back To Life

Bristol floor sanding is the first step in bringing life back into your wood floors. Keeping your original floorboards is an ideal way to add character to your home. However, with age and use, they can become dull, scratched and lifeless. When this happens, wooden flooring restoration may be the answer.

Wood is an extremely hard-wearing material that is ideal for flooring. Once sealed and protected, hardwood is easy to wash and care for. But even wood can show signs of age and damage over time. When this happens, it can be tempting to rip up your floorboards and start again. However, this is costly and highly inconvenient. A better solution is to hire an experienced Somerset flooring company to refurbish and restore your existing wooden flooring. Wood floor refurbishment starts with the floors being sanded to remove signs of wear and tear and to provide a smooth base for the next stages. This needs to be done by an experienced floor sanding Bristol based company to ensure that it is done correctly. Once this has been achieved, your flooring expert will seal any gaps and use industry approved products to re-stain the floor. The final stage is to apply a protective finish to give your floor protection for years to come. The protective finish also helps to bring out the depth of colour used in the stain, adding character to the room. When undertaken by an experienced professional, the whole process is quick, mess-free and provides great value for money.

If your floors need a little extra care and attention, then contact Bristol floor sanding experts TFS Flooring. Our professional team has experience of working with all manner of residential and commercial wood flooring refurbishments. Find out more about the services we provide at, or call us on 01460 234931 to arrange a free quote.