Dust Free Floor Sanding Bristol – Why Dust-Free Is Important

Dust free floor sanding Bristol wide is possible if you choose the right flooring company to work with. Dust-free sanding has a number of benefits for you and the professional who is restoring your hardwood floors. Read on to find out why dust-free should be your number one choice.

Sanding floors can produce microscopic particles of dust. These particles can remain in the home or commercial premises for days after the work has been completed. These particles can then be breathed in by anyone in the home or in your place of business. This is a particular problem for anyone who has respiratory difficulties. The sanding particles can also cause irritation and allergic reactions. This is not something you want to happen to you, your family, or to clients and employees in a place of work. All of this is avoided if you choose a Somerset flooring professional who uses dust-free processes. Dust also causes problems in terms of its potential to become stuck to the wooden flooring, even after cleaning. This can then cause contamination in the staining and finishing processes. This will give an uneven finish and could even ruin the look of your newly refurbished flooring. By using a floor sanding Bristol based company that uses a dust free sanding system, you can minimise the risk of contamination in the finish of your hardwood flooring. In addition, a dust-free system means less mess to be cleaned up after the work is done. This means that the areas that have had the hardwood renovated are ready to use much sooner.

By using TFS Flooring to complete dust free floor sanding Bristol wide, you can be assured of a high quality hardwood floor restoration. We use only the best techniques and qualified professionals to complete all our flooring jobs, whether it is restoring existing hardwood floors or laying new laminate flooring. Learn more at