Floor Sanding Bristol Contractors Can Help Revive Your Old Wood Floorings

Floor sanding Bristol contractors can truly help to revive your old wood floorings. It's only natural that wooden floors dull over time. The wear and tear of everyday life naturally takes its toll on your flooring when it’s subjected to daily use. But if you're fed up of your dull, dented and scratched floor and are currently looking to replace it, it's worth checking to see what a restoration and sanding contractor can do to give it a new lease of life instead. The right Bristol or Somerset flooring company could save you a lot of time, money and hassle too.

What Are The Floor Sanding Options Offered By Bristol And Somerset Flooring Contractors?

You may be unsure as to what exactly restoration can do for your old floor. However, you will be surprised by the sheer number of techniques available today to enable it to look as good as new. One of the most popular techniques offered by some Bristol and Somerset flooring contractors is floor sanding. When you hire floor sanding services Bristol or Somerset way, it's important to know what this process will consist of in advance. Firstly it's about ensuring that your floorboards are in good condition. This involves the removal of any old tacks, staples or adhesives left behind as a legacy from old carpets. The purpose is twofold: to avoid damage to the sanding discs or belts; and to improve the smoothness of finish of the final floor. A good professional floor sanding Bristol based contractor will take care of this for you. Then, it's onto filling gaps in boards. Small strips of new wood can be glued into the gaps or the dust collected from the actual sanding process can also be used. Then comes sanding, which removes the upper, damaged surfaces with specialised sanding machines. This is done in at least two or three stages, each time with a finer grade of sandpaper. Then, it's onto the staining process and the application of a sealant for that all-important final protective finish. After all of this, you should be left with a floor that you're proud to look at again.

So What Effects Should You See From Bristol Floor Sanding?

After the sanding and restoration process is all done by your Bristol floor sanding contractor, what are the results you should see before you? Well, you should see (and feel) an almost new floor underneath your feet. That final, aforementioned finish – combined with usage of industry-approved products during the staining process – should leave you with a wooden floor full of character, colour and vibrancy for years to come. Not only that, but your floor will have received a check for any inconsistencies and problems in the floorboards. Therefore, it should have a clean bill of health as well as a makeover! So many people throw out their old wooden floors without realising what floor sanding Bristol contractors can truly do for them. Many people try to 'DIY' the restoration process, but it's definitely worth getting a professional in to do this process. One common mistake made by the inexperienced is the use of steam cleaners advertised on TV shopping channels – but these cleaners can actually be bad for the health of your floors. Moisture is not good for solid wood flooring Somerset, so it holds that steam isn't going to be good for it either! Equally, it can be tempting to hire a sanding machine and attempt to save money by carrying out the process yourself. But it’s difficult to achieve as polished a finish as a professional Somerset or Bristol floor sanding company can without years of experience. And this is where our flooring restoration team at TFS Flooring comes in. We have over a decade’s expertise and know-how to draw upon.

For Your Floor Sanding Bristol Needs, There's No Need To Look Past TFS Flooring

At TFS Flooring, our team are perfectionists. When we provide our floor sanding Bristol or Somerset based services, you can be sure that your floor is going to look its best again. We go that extra 5% over other contractors to ensure that your floor has a finish that would make you believe that you've just had a new one installed. To find out more about our Bristol and Somerset flooring services, just head on over to https://www.tfsflooring.co.uk/ or give us a call on 01460 234931 for a free discussion about your options today.