Floor Sanding Bristol UK – Preparing A Residential Property For Sanding

Floor sanding Bristol UK based firms will do some, if not all, of the preparation of a floor that is to be sanded and restored to its former glory. However, there may be some elements that you can do prior to work starting. Understanding how best to prepare will help the whole process to run more smoothly.

Before your hardwood floor can be sanded, there are a number of tasks you should undertake. Firstly, all the furniture in the room to be sanded will need to be removed and carefully stored elsewhere. Curtains, blinds and any wall hangings are also best taken down, in order to provide the best possible working environment for your Somerset flooring company. It is usually recommended that doors to and from the room are also removed, to ensure that they do not cause any problems during the floor sanding and staining process. If you have carpets or any other floor coverings, these too obviously need to be removed, along with any tape or tacks that have been used to keep them in place. It is important to check the floorboards for any raised metal, such as nail heads, before sanding begins. Sanding over metal can cause dangerous sparks and ruin the plate of the floor sander. Nails should be counter-sunk into the floor and then double checked. Before your floor sanding Bristol based company starts, it is also important to secure any animals and safeguard any children that will be in the building during the restoration work. This ensures their safety, and the safety and peace of mind of those who will be undertaking the work.

Talk to your floor sanding Bristol UK based team about the specific requirements of your property before work starts to ensure that everyone is aware of what is needed. At TFS Flooring, our professional team of experts can be reached on 01460 234931 to answer any questions you have. Alternatively, visit https://www.tfsflooring.co.uk/ for more preparation information