Oak Flooring Somerset – Creating An Aged Look

Oak flooring Somerset wide is growing in popularity. One of the reasons for this is because it is one of the easiest real wood flooring options to care for. However, this isn’t the only deciding factor. It is also because it is so versatile, and therefore makes creating a personalised look very easy.

When you opt for oak wood flooring Somerset based solutions, you give yourself the freedom to choose between creating a fresh modern look and introducing a more traditional, aged hardwood theme in your home. New hardwood oak floors can give a modern twist to any room, providing fresh clean lines and smooth surfaces. The range of colours available from red and brown through to white wood means that almost any colour combination can be designed to work with the theme or colour scheme for your room. However, with the assistance of Somerset flooring specialists, you can also create looks that would convince anyone that the flooring had been there since your home was built. Aged oak is very popular, but you don’t need to source reclaimed floorboards to create this timeless look. New oak can be carefully aged in a number of ways without compromising the strength and durability of each plank. One of the most common approaches to aging oak floors is tumbling. This creates effective damage to the tops and edges of the hardwood, creating a distressed appearance. Liquids can also be used to create the darker tones that are associated with older floors. The end result is a perfectly fitted and durable floor in your Somerset home that gives it character and individuality, without the risks associated with sourcing pre-used flooring.

Whether you are looking to create an old, timeless or modern fresh look with your flooring, give the oak flooring Somerset based experts a call on 01460 234931. At TFS Flooring, we will do all we can to accommodate our customers’ individual needs. Our full range of services can be viewed at https://www.tfsflooring.co.uk/.