Laminate Flooring

We can supply and fit all major laminate floor types and colours, tailored to your individual requirments and specifications.


Wood Floor Refurbishment

Just because your wood flooring is looking tired it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Even if the flooring is slightly damaged there’s still no reason to pull it all up and start again. A new floor installation from start to finish can be a costly procedure and you might be losing out if you throw out your original floorboards. With a professional touch you could see them returned to their former glory in no time at all and at a fraction of the cost of replacing them!

Hire us for the refurbishment of your wooden flooring and we will:

  •         Sand the floors back to remove any wear and tear using all dust free Lagler sanding machinery. 
  •         Fill any gaps that may have appeared over time so the floor is free of draughts and nasty gaps between boards. 
  •         One final run of saning to leave the floor nice and smooth.
  •         Apply protective finish of your choice that will keep it in great condition for years to come.

We are well aware that chosing the finished colour of your floor is a big deal and a decison that can take time. While on site our Flooring Experts will walk you though your options and samples will always be provided to help you pick the finish you desire. 


If you are interested in the refurbishment and restoration of your existing flooring contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We restore any and all types of wooden flooring so chat to us before making any decisions.