Somerset Engineered Flooring – Why Use A Professional Fitter

Somerset engineered flooring is much easier to install than hardwood floorboards. Its wide availability makes it easy to purchase; and this could make it tempting to try to fit the flooring yourself. However, there are a number of reasons why you should really have installation completed by an expert company.

Engineered hardwood style flooring lays on top of most existing base floors, such as concrete. It is therefore easier to fit than new natural oak floorboards and involves minimal preparation of the floors. However, if you have other floor coverings, uneven surfaces, or unusual existing base floor products, some preparation work will be required. If mistakes are made at this point, then the finish will be of a lower quality and your engineered flooring product could suffer damage as a result. A wood flooring Somerset based specialist with experience of your type of flooring will be able to properly prepare surfaces and offer advice as to any potential problems that you could face. Very few rooms requiring Somerset flooring solutions are perfectly shaped for flooring. Sloping levels, difficult corners and walls that are not completely square all cause difficulties during installation. Piping and electrical conduits can also cause issues to those with little or no experience in working with engineered wood flooring. Your Somerset based flooring specialist will be able to work around these issues and ensure a beautiful finished product. Engineered wood flooring can be laid to float, or each plank can be secured in a number of different ways. Knowing the best way to achieve this only comes with training and experience. Choosing the wrong solution could lead to the need for continual repairs and further damage.

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