Somerset Flooring - What Are The Different Flooring Options?

Somerset flooring companies are where people turn when it comes to sourcing a contractor who can fit new flooring in either residential or business properties. However, it's not just about finding the right contractor to help fit your new floors. It's also important to think about what floors would be best suited to your own property and the ways in which it is used. In this article, we're going to list four of the top wooden or wood-like flooring materials that are popular today: laminate, engineered, solid wood and bamboo flooring. What are their respective strengths? Read on to find out.

Laminate Wood Flooring Somerset Wide Is Popular

When it comes to the best wood flooring Somerset way, there's no doubt that laminate will always be mentioned in the conversation. Surprisingly durable and endlessly stylish, laminate wood is constructed using layers of materials to offer a mixture of strength and beauty, as well as protection against moisture, sound reduction and stain resistance. This is then finished off with a top layer providing a high-quality, photo-realistic image that gives the impression of real wood. Often people begin by considering real wood, but it can be too much for some budgets – so laminate offers a great alternative to other types of Somerset wood flooring. While laminate floor had a reputation for looking rather cheap in the past, today's versions are manufactured to almost exactly replicate the look, feel and stability of wood. This can include the same floor graining, the same floor stains and even, of course, the same floor textures offered by real wood. In terms of installation, laminate is easy because it doesn't require the likes of nails and adhesives. The 'lock-and-fold' method means your selected Somerset flooring company will have it down in no time at all. Overall, this is a great floor suitable for those on a tight budget.

Engineered Wood Flooring Somerset Way Offers Long-Term Cost-Efficiency

Engineered wood flooring Somerset way is also another popular option for those who perhaps don't have the budget for actual solid woods, but want to have all its qualities. It offers even more life than high-quality laminate flooring while also being near impossible to tell from a true solid wood floor. For those with environmental concerns, you'll be glad to hear that engineered wood flooring tends to use less natural wood than solid wood flooring – making it an environmentally sustainable floor material to have in your home. For every one square foot of three-quarter inch thick solid wood flooring, a manufacturer can create about four times more engineered wood. The benefits of engineered wood go far beyond just aesthetics and feel, though. Research has shown that we experience less stress when in indoor environments that feature wood; and this is a cost effective way of including a wooden element in your room design. Somerset engineered flooring materials – generally using hardwood and plywood – are constructed into between three and 12 multiple ply layers that are pressed, glued and cross layered together. While the floor installation procedures are more complicated than the 'lock-and-fold' of laminate flooring, laying engineered flooring is generally a relatively hassle-free option when laid by the right Somerset flooring company.

Solid Wood Flooring Provided By Floor Sanding Bristol Contractors

But when it comes to floor sanding Bristol and Somerset contractors or companies providing wood flooring in Bristol and Somerset, solid wood flooring is still a firm favourite. Despite the aforementioned terrific imitation options available, many people still hold out for a truly solid wood flooring. Solid wood has an inherent flexibility, meaning almost any species or grade of wood out there can be adapted for flooring purposes. It is, of course, extremely durable and so much easier to clean than carpet. It offers stability and is unaffected by temperature changes. If treated right, it can last a true lifetime. While all solid wood is homogeneous in some way, the thickness can be changed, depending on the material, to give – for example – either a rustic or a polished look. Essentially, no two solid wood floors will look the same. However, there may also be reasons why a solid wood floor may just not be practical in your property. Moisture levels in the sub-floor really matter here. If they exceed 2-3%, then solid wood may not be the best option, and engineered wood, in this instance, would be safer. But really, it's about having the right contractor to help make this call and to advise on laying down a suitable underlay or membrane to avoid any issues in the short and long-term.

Do Floor Sanding Bristol Contractors Provide Bamboo Flooring?

Yes, there are a few floor sanding Bristol and Somerset contractors who do offer the installation of bamboo flooring. Bamboo is said to be the most environmentally-friendly of all wood floorings. Bamboo grows quickly without the need for potentially harmful pesticides and fertilisers; while also releasing some 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than other, similarly-sized species of trees. This makes it a great choice for those concerned about our environmental impact on future generations. Bamboo flooring has lasted as a building material for centuries, tracking back to the east and south east of Asia. It's incredibly hard, durable and, of course, easy to clean too. It has an intricacy that makes it ideal for any style, modern or traditional. As such, bamboo flooring is often seen in many newly developed luxury houses and apartments. It is a great investment for the future. Helpfully, bamboo is also available in a whole range of colours and designs too. But no matter which of the above options you choose from a Somerset or Bristol floor sanding and floor installation company, you'll want to get the right contractor in. TFS Flooring has been serving Somerset and south west England for over a decade now, so you can trust us to do the job professionally and promptly.

TFS Flooring Is The Only Somerset Flooring Company You Need

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