Somerset Hardwood Floors – Subfloor Preparation

Somerset hardwood floors are an ideal answer to creating an individual look in your home that will last. Quality hardwood flooring is durable and can be designed to fit any room, furniture collection or colour scheme. However, its ability to last is dependent on the quality and preparation of the subfloor beneath it.

Before your Somerset flooring is laid, the subfloor will need to be exposed. Any previous flooring must be removed, along with any nails, tacks or tape. Floors should be checked for debris, which will also need to be removed. The level of the subfloor should also be checked. Where it is uneven, further preparation may be required to ensure that your solid wood flooring Somerset wide is level when completed. This may include using an underlay. As well as the level of the subfloor, attention needs to be paid to its quality. If there are signs of damp or damage, these issues too will need to be fixed before the hardwood flooring is installed. As well as preparing the subfloor, the hardwood planks will need to be properly prepared. Often, this will include leaving the oak flooring in conditions similar to where it will be installed, for up to two weeks. This will ensure that the wood is acclimatised before being used and reduce the risk of expansion or contraction due to changes in temperature and humidity. However, the need for this will depend on how the wood planks have been stored.

At TFS Flooring, we understand the need for perfect preparation of all elements before laying your Somerset hardwood floors. Our company specialists will be on hand at every stage to ensure that your final flooring has the quality finish you expect. Learn more at or interact with us on one of our social media feeds to get the answers you need.