Somerset Oak Flooring – Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Oak

Somerset oak flooring is a very popular choice for the hardwood floors of residential and commercial properties. All hardwood floors are able to provide a room with added elegance and individuality, but oak is special. Here are four reasons why you should choose oak for your hardwood floors in Somerset.

Firstly, oak is one of the toughest woods there is, so flooring in your home or business made from oak floorboards will last and withstand heavy footfall. Oak is extremely resistant to decay, so it is great for use in areas like hallways that may see more mess and dirt. It is also sturdy, so it can withstand heavy furniture without bending and bowing. Oak is also a very versatile wood, and this is the second reason why it makes good wood flooring Somerset wide. Its differing grain patterns make it very distinctive. It is also able to give either a modern rustic twist, or a traditional aged look to any room. Its natural range of colours provides the third reason why oak should be high on your list of choices for your Somerset home or business. As well as the shades of brown that you wold expect from real wood, it also comes in red and white. Its variety of natural colours means that it can be used in almost any situation; and even when used throughout a building, no two rooms need look exactly the same. Finally, there is its ease of maintenance and management. Once laid by your Somerset flooring specialist, your floor will require little in the way of upkeep and can be kept clean with a good hardwood cleaner.

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