Somerset Wood Flooring – Benefits Compared To Carpet

Somerset wood flooring options are very popular with homeowners for a number of reasons including their ability to create a fresh, clean and individual look. Understanding the benefits of solid wood or engineered wood flooring compared to carpet can help you decide whether it is the right option for your home.

Installing solid hardwood floors may be more labour intensive than fitting traditional carpets; but once laid by professionals, this is where the difficulties end. Solid natural wood and engineered wood flooring require a lot less maintenance than carpet. Wood flooring can easily be swept and mopped to keep it in top condition and requires little, if anything, in the way of chemical cleaners. Carpets however, need to be vacuumed and professionally cleaned regularly to keep them in the same top condition. Even high quality carpet wears over time and with heavy use; fading, fraying and discolouration are not uncommon within a few years of new carpet being laid. It is also affected by many everyday factors such as strong sunlight, and retains smells, particularly if you have pets. None of this is a problem with hardwood flooring that has been properly treated. If you are an allergy sufferer, then Somerset flooring made from solid or engineered wood is one way to cut down your exposure to allergens. Carpet fibres themselves can cause reactions, and this is in addition to the allergens that become lodged in the fibres over time. Wood flooring Somerset wide also has the benefit of not needing replacement when you change the décor of your room, as it can easy blend in with any furniture collection you choose.

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