Somerset Hardwood Flooring – What Options Are Available?

Somerset hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners as a way of improving the look and quality of their flooring. The appeal of hardwood comes as much from its naturalness as it does from its durability and beauty. But if you are considering new flooring, what type should you go for?

One flooring option that is available to you is solid wood Somerset flooring. This can either be purchased pre-finished and ready to install, or unfinished. When it is purchased unfinished your flooring specialist company will install it, and then sand, stain and treat the newly laid flooring. Where you are using an expert, this is the best option as it means that final decisions can be made on site between you and the professional installer. Solid oak wood flooring comes in three main types; strip flooring, plank flooring and parquet. Each is unique and creates a different look when laid. Parquet floors are most often associated with the creation of geometric patterns and are often found in long, narrow spaces, such as hallways. It is also often used in reception room wood flooring Somerset wide. Another option for your home is engineered wood flooring. This gives you many of the benefits of solid wood, but is easier to install and is often cheaper, as well as needing less ongoing maintenance. Another cost effective option is laminate flooring; however, this is not wood, and is only designed to give the appearance of real wood. While cheaper than wood to install, it often has a shorter lifespan, particularly in areas that experience heavy footfall.

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