Wood Flooring Taunton – Considering Your Options

Wood flooring Taunton and Somerset wide is available in a range of options. You can choose to have an existing wooden floor restored or replaced, or you could use engineered wood to cover the existing surface. Each option has its own benefits that need to be considered prior to making a decision.

Original hardwood floorboards can be easily restored to their former glory through a process of sanding, staining and protecting them. Where your existing hardwood floors are in a reasonable condition, or only have minor damage, this is an extremely cost effective way of having wood flooring Somerset wide. However, major damage such as cracked, broken and missing boards may require a more drastic approach. In this case you may want to consider replacing some, if not all, of the hardwood floorboards in your Taunton home. When professionally installed, a solid wood floor is extremely durable and much easier to keep clean than carpet. The wide range of finishes available from Somerset flooring companies provide you with the ability to personalise each room or entire floor in your house. If you don’t have existing wooden flooring, or would rather go for an overlay material, then you have the option of either engineered wood or laminate. Engineered wood is stronger and likely to last longer than laminate flooring, but it is more expensive to have installed. As well as being cheaper, laminate is quick to install and comes in a wide variety of wood effects. It requires little maintenance and is easy to keep clean.

Whether you are looking for real wood flooring Taunton or Somerset wide, or one of the other options for a residential or commercial premises, we at TFS Flooring can help. Our team of specialists will provide a free, no obligation quote to help you decide on the right option for you. Find out more today at